Hai Hau rice oval eight

Hai Hau rice oval eight

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ManufactureNam Vạn Long
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Tam Xoan rice is grown in areas where sandy sludge fields, adjacent to the shore alive, when rain is not waterlogged, drought does not dry.

This fragrant rice intended for the new year, anniversary, or to entertain the distinguished guests, friends or relaxing in the three weight courtesy gift.

Tam Xoan rice seeds slim, her long thin, blue white girls in their twenties: "thin eyebrows or grain." Just 1 small handful of rice has also smells fragrant. Cooked to rice cookers, quickly cracked the lid is in the outside lane was fragrant smell.

Tam Xoan want to cook delicious cooked in clay pots or cast iron pot boiling straw fire. Tam Xoan rice if fried or eat the same foods and soups will lose flavor, viscosity of rice. Tam Xoan merge with rice is eaten with silk rolls, cinnamon rolls, drizzle with a little extra tears atrium, sprinkle a little pepper. After a tiring day of labor, enhanced aromatic bowl of hot rice served with chub, dry warehouse snakehead fish, fried perch ... or shrimp, meat is delicious irresistible rim. Tam Xoan rice bowl to eat the same fish fragrant contract warehousing mother by the hand, the aroma of rice, fish taste sweet, pungent smell of pepper ... warm intertwined love country nostalgia engraved, that desire of expatriates who every afternoon home anxiously as seeing the way radiating blue smoke on the roof of the village kitchen.

Product Name: Hai Hau rice oval eight

Packaging: PE - PE / OPP

Weight: 02 kg / bag or 05 kg / bag

Origin: Hai Hau - Nam Dinh

Production technology: Selection, processing, sorting, packing.

Markets: Vietnam, Export

Distribution System: System dealers, supermarkets and export.

The quality standard announcement: Standard Base No. 05-2005 / Manufacturer.

Quality standards and certificates: Paper announced receiving quality products of 2995/2005-CBTC-YTHN.

The effect of the product: Provide nutrition, food guarantee consumer health.

Vietnam's product advantages: The product is processed by a process from purchasing, consumption, processing and packaging put on the market. With strict production process and the strict management of product quality.

Further information about the product: Gold Medal International Trade Fair Vietnam Expo 2006

1. Nutrition Facts:

- calories

- Protein

- carbohydrates

- The trace elements

2. Features:

- Delicious, plastic, bold taste of rice, not sticky, taste for all ages

3. How to cook:

- Measure the rice using measuring instruments

- Wash the rice until the water is relatively in

- Adjust the amount of water to suit taste

4. Preservation instructions:

- Store in a dry environment, avoiding insects, avoiding strange smell.

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